Movies has always held great fascination for American, especially kids. When we lived in Big Spring, there were two movie theaters and at least one drive-in theater. Lots of kids went to see a movie at one of the two indoor theaters on Saturday mornings. The nicer theater cost a quarter. The other theater would let you in for the first showing of the day for a Gandy’s milk carton. I forgot my milk carton one morning, and they still let me watch the movie. It was usually an older cowboy or kids’ show. The nicer theater had the first-run movies. Some were for grown-ups, so we didn’t go. Who would waste a quarter when you could go to the other theater for a milk carton and buy candy with the quarter you just saved?

One of the Texas movie theaters I remember was just outside of Lamesa. It was about twenty miles from Ackerly. Every time we drove by the old drive-in theater, the marquee said the movie showing was Cat on a Hot Tin Roof starring Elizabeth Taylor. The first time I saw it, the title sounded interesting to a kid. As the years wore on, the movie sounded less interesting. The marquee didn’t change for many years. Tumbleweeds grew up in the parking lot, but the plastic letters on that sign kept hanging. By then, I figured out what the movie was about, and I wasn’t really that interested in such an old movie anymore.

I still love the movies and I finally got to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I now know I would have appreciated Elizabeth Taylor even at my young age.

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