20151110_145241My favorite canine is the German Shepherd Dog. That was the vet’s first words about our dog. Cathy and I have bought or adopted eight of these beautiful dogs in the many years that we have been married. They are smart, loving, loyal and very protective. In our case, they are very expensive when they get older or just hurt themselves. Nick, our latest GSD, had gotten weaker to the point that he could barely walk. Cathy took him to the veterinarian and an MRI revealed that he had a herniated disc in his spine. So far, he has had two surgeries and his walking has gotten worse. Today he came home. Using a special harness, Cathy had to lift his back end so that he could stand up and walk. Now, he is just lying around trying to get better. He loves to walk more than just about anything except food and water. He loves Cathy more than anyone or anything on earth. He hardly ever takes his eyes off Cathy. When she comes home he has whining fits to greet her.

Right now, our granddaughter is reading a book to Nick. It is called Ballerina Dreams. I don’t know how much Nick likes the story but he likes the company. He was at the vet’s for almost a week and was ready to come home. Nick keeps whining and looking at the door hoping that Cathy will come back in the house. She will be home in an hour. She has to walk our daughter’s dog then she will rush home to see her eleven-year-old baby dog. I’ve heard that horses are expensive to maintain but dogs can cost a lot, too. This dog has cost us over eleven thousand dollars so far. Can anyone top that?

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