Life Lessons for My Daughters

About the Book

Life Lessons for My Daughters - Book CoverThe decision to write this book was based on a suggestion from his older daughter. She had no idea what unusual things went on in his childhood. There are stories that many people can relate to. Some things may not be familiar.

His granddaddy taught Bucky, the pug, to smoke a filter cigarette. That was fitting since Granddaddy had nicotine stained yellow fingers from smoking cigarettes.

At ten years of age, the author got a rifle for Christmas. It was too cold to shoot it during the winter so he would sit in a chair in the kitchen and shoot at an arrangement of bottles and cans sitting on a table in the back yard. He would raise the rifle; kick the door open with his left foot, aim and fire. He was careful not to shoot a hole in the screen door. There wasn’t much time to aim. The possibility of shooting an unsuspecting family member was always on his mind.

A tractor got loose and threatened the house with total destruction. His daddy had to jump on the tractor from the front to finally shut it off. Tornados were also a threat to the house and almost everything else.

After moving to New Mexico, there were fights, car wrecks, speeding tickets, court appearances, illnesses, colleges, children and a long-lasting marriage.


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